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FitPeo is a remote patient monitoring platform that helps healthcare providers connect remotely with patients; both in-home and in-facility. Since its establishment in May 2021, we at FitPeo have been revolutionizing healthcare by empowering care where it is most needed. We do this by facilitating constant and seamless communication and monitoring, between providers and patients.

Our technology integrated app provides benefits like- virtual visits from doctors and maintaining e-records of medical history. Some services we specialize in include- Remote Patient Monitoring, Telehealth, Chronic Care Management, Behavioral Health Integration, Collaborative Care Management and much more.

If you are a healthcare provider, we are here to help you connect with, engage and monitor your patients. With our advanced program management, we give you an edge over other providers. And, if you are someone looking for quality healthcare, we will bring it to you, right at your fingertips. Your privacy and convenience being our responsibility and utmost priority.

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